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*He doesn’t notice you until you speak. He stops scrubbing at the blood stains for a moment and raises his head, responding in a rather bored and impatient tone.*

Stan:- That’s nice. If you’re really looking forward to killing someone, there’s a couple of pigs out in the swamp you can hunt. Don’t waste the meat, though.

just needs some R&R

[Close to] 24 hours later…



*You hear a soft chuckling behind you. Someone shuffles closer and gently lays a hand on your back.*


Stan:- Poor guy’s head took a little bashing, so he’ll need some time to rest and recover.




CORRUPT:- What…what the Nether was that? I can’t…move??

Steve:- Do you…do you remember it, Stan? You told me that word some while ago and I tried to spell it, but I couldn’t and still can’t.


Steve:- And-and remember that one time when I invited Briney without telling you and we stargazed on the roof by ourselves? But then you woke up in the middle of the night and watched with us? Remember?

Then there’s that-that other time when Dawn got taken over and you comforted her after Evan chased the evil part of her off?

*It felt something—or rather, someone—in the deep recesses of its consciousness. Stanley. He was fighting it. But why? Why is it that he never fought against it six years ago? What was so special about this…this buffoon that quivered before him?

Pounding headaches reverberated throughout its skull, almost as if its host was pounding at the prison walls of his own body.*


*The Corrupt’s enraged, high-pitched wail echoed throughout the walls and scratched mercilessly at Steve’s ears. Glass shattered. Several wooden blocks broke or cracked. The axe fell and clattered onto the floor.

Stanley’s body doubled over and the gray substance that covered his skin retreated towards his left eye. He weakly lifted his head, sucking in ragged breaths while a small trickle of blood oozed from his nostril. Steve saw that his eyes returned to normal: one of them its familiar chocolate-brown and the other emotionless white.

They didn’t stay open for long.

The man staggered and collapsed in front of him. He looked at his friend for a while longer before he sighed and closed his eyes as well.*

Steve:- You did good, buddy. You did good…

Do you use computer for your drawings? Or iPad, tablet.... Or just normal paper?

((Well, I draw the lines and dark spots on a certain paper from my notebook [and the number of pages are dwindling halp].

Then color everything on FireAlpaca with a tablet. ^^))

What kind of art supplies does mun/mod use?

((Pencil for sketching,
  pen for outlining,
  then I go and color it through FireAlpaca.

Many thanks to fungusmod for the FireAlpaca tidbit of advice! ^w^ Couldn’t have gone far without it~))

Pt. 1


((There was a lot of messages shouting at Corrupt!Stan and trying to save Steve, and we very much appreciate the support for those two ^u^, but because of pre-decided reasons, I could not implement them. Will Steve live? Will Corrupt!Stan complete his revenge in killing him? What is it that Steve is about to say?
Find out in the next part!))

The MineBlog Hub is being released early!



It is still under massive construction, but since I’m feeling good today I’ll provide all of you with the link. PLEASE spread this to every single minecraft ask blog you know, this is very important. It can only work if EVERYONE is involved. So reblog this message and follow the Hub. Just like the game- it’s still a work in progress that changes every single day. Even if you don’t notice it.*

Reblog if you are a minecraft blog and want to be added to the MineBlog Hub’s official list of blogs.


((It is recommended that you have an OC or character when being added to the list*))




CORRUPT:- You say you’re going to “kick my butt”? Good luck doing that without hurting these two. Remember that I’m still using this body, you dolt.


*”Stan” shakes you off and throws Steve across the room. The unfortunate man crashes into another wall and slumps onto a furnace, wheezing.*

CORRUPT:- Ha! So you all really don’t care for these two, do you? I’ll take care of you nuisances later, I have a score to settle with Steve!